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Dog Day Care is the perfect solution for those dogs who are bored, home alone, or in need of some socialisation with other dogs. Woofs n Scruffs is a clean safe environment where your dog will be kept entertained all day.

We offer two different types of Dog Day Care:

1. Doggy Day Camp – Doggy Day Camp is the ultimate fun filled day care experience. Packed with their favourite toys and friends our indoor arena and outside paddock helps dogs develop essential social skills and receive lots of love and attention from our doggy day camp care team. Each dog is individually assessed to ensure this is the best environment for them and most importantly they all get along together.

Our secure paddock is attached directly to the building so weather permitting your dog can decide if they would prefer to be indoor's our outside, this is especially important to ensure consistency with toilet training and to give them access to fresh air!

2. Day Creche – Day Creche (Seaham and Durham Only) is perfect for those dogs who like their own space or prefer not to socialise. Dog’s can come into the Creche Monday to Sunday. Each dog will be given their very own Doggy House and enclosed area to relax in. They will be taken for walks by our Day Creche Team.

In all of our services staff take regular pictures to keep owners up to date via social media and we are always available on the phone to keep you updated.

Woofs n Scruffs
are proud to be licenced for Dog Day Care by the local council. Details for each centre are shown below:


Licencing Council – Sunderland City Council
Licence Number – 123
Expiry – 31 December 2024

Licencing Council – Durham County Council
Licence Number – DDC/DDC/0850099
Expiry – 31 December 2025


Licencing Council – Durham County Council
Licence Number – DDC/DDC/104100
Expiry – 25 August 2026

We believe we have a perfect solution
for your dog’s daily care needs.

When is our Woofs n Scruffs Doggy Day Care available?

Doggy Day Camp is available Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday – 7am until 6pm


Dog Day Creche (Seaham and Durham Only) is available
Monday to Friday – 7am until 6pm
Saturday – 9.00am until 4.30pm
Sunday – 9.30am until 4.00pm


With over 900 – 5 Star reviews between both sites we truly are a cut above the rest. Check out our Facebook and Google pages to see just what our customers think.

Why can you trust Woofs n Scruffs?

The team at Woofs n Scruffs truly are experts in the pet care industry. Before setting up Woofs n Scruffs we had worked with Dog’s for many years. We believed we could raise the bar with the quality of services provided to dogs in the North East and so Woofs n Scruffs was born in April 2016. Our initially focus was on Dog Day Care, Canine Hydrotherapy, Dog Grooming and Dog Training, and this focus has continued. However we now have the introduction of the water treadmill, dog spa and grooming training courses. The decision was made to use only experienced pet care staff and collectively we have over 100 years of experience in the industry. The business is fully insured for your protection and licensed with both Durham County Council and Sunderland City Council as a pet day care business. The business also recently undertook and passed and inspection by Blythman and Partners Veterinary Practice’s on behalf of Sunderland City Council.

We use the same teams, so your dog will get used to their pet carers. We understand that no two dogs are the same and some are a little more complex than others. Our experienced team will work with you to cater for any special needs your dog may have, and ensure these are catered for.

We have premium Health and Safety flooring to ensure they are safe and easy to keep clean for your dog. Unlike other pet day care providers who use unhygienic artificial grass in their facilities.

We use SAFE4 dog friendly disinfectant to ensure our premises are disease and germ free so we are doing everything we can to make sure we do not harm your dog.

What Vaccinations Does My Pet Need?

All of the dogs attending any of our Dog Day Care facilities which includes Doggy Day Camp and Dog Day Creche must be fully vaccinated to help prevent the spreading of diseases. Please bring your vaccination certificate along with you to the first session so we can keep our records up to date. We will ask you to provide proof annually that your dogs vaccinations have been updated.

If there is a medical reason why your dog is unable to have any particular vaccination then please speak to a member of our team to discuss other options.

The Assessment Process

To help keep our Doggy Day Camp facility a safe place for your pet all dogs must first complete and pass a half day assessment. This assessment takes place in our Doggy Day Camp and is FREE of charge. Your dog will be slowly introduced to the rest of the dogs who are attending that day and assessed for temperament. We have a specific introduction process to help facilitate the introduction to the group, and will gradually increase their exposure to the group at a rate determined by the dogs individual temperament and comfort with the situation. This process can take several hours for some dogs, and it may take a few visits before your dog jumps right in. This process may seem overly involved, but safety is our number one concern, and proper, positive introductions will set the tone for a pleasant experience at Doggy Day Camp. Only when we and the dog are comfortable, can group play begin.

Once they have passed the assessment then you are free to book any days/times which fit with your circumstances. We currently offer both Full and Half Day Bookings.


After a couple of visits your dog may not want to leave, please accept our apologies if this is the case.

Although dogs must pass an initial assessment, their behaviour is continually monitored and any changes will be communicated to their owner.

Is my dog eligible for Doggy Day Camp?

To ensure out Doggy Day Camp remains a safe environment. We ask that you look over the following criteria. Your dog must be able to pass on all of the following questions. If you do not think your dog will pass on any area then day creche maybe a more appropriate option.

Remember to Book in advance as places fill up quickly and we are limited to the number of dogs we can take at any one time.

How will my dog behave after a day at DDC?

Whilst in doggy day camp dogs have run around a lot and their activity levels are much higher than normal. When they get home dogs will generally drink, eat, and then want plenty of cuddles and want to sleep through the night especially if your dog does not have a lot of exercise during day time hours, he may be quite tired for a day or two after his first few visits to Doggy Day Camp. However, your dog will quickly become used to the environment and the tiredness will reduce.

Remember to Book in advance as places fill up quickly and we are limited to the number of dogs we can take at any one time.

What if my dog doesn’t pass the Assessment

If we decide that your dog is not right for Doggy Day Camp, or if we must ask your dog to leave due to behaviour or safety concerns, it is NOT a negative comment on your dog, and does NOT mean your dog is ‘bad’. It simply means that the day care environment is not the best environment for your dog, and other options should be explored. E.g.:- Day Crèche

Could my dog get injured?

While the Doggy Day Camp team monitor playgroups at all times for safe play, Doggy Day Camp is like a child’s playground, and by allowing dogs to play together there is an inherent risk of injury. Just like at a child’s nursery, dog play can sometimes get pretty rowdy. We interrupt behaviour if it appears this could become out of hand. If a dog becomes over-stimulated or begins playing too rough, he may be given a ‘time-out’ to calm down before being allowed to resume play. As with children, dogs may occasionally get scratches, nicks or scrapes from playing with others. Some dogs have sensitive skin, and every little scratch and bump will show up. Naturally, if there is ever a more serious injury, we will immediately call you, and will not hesitate to seek veterinary care if needed.

Could my dog become ill socialising with other dogs?

Dogs who lead social lives are exposed to various viruses, bacteria and parasites more frequently than other dogs who stay at home in solitude. This includes going to the park, training classes, grooming salons, boarding facilities and even a trip to the vets. Just because a dog stays at home does not mean he is safe from all illness – only that he has a lower probability of exposure.

We take every precaution with our Doggy Day Camp to provide a safe and healthy environment for dogs in our care. We require full and current vaccination status (including kennel cough), refuse to admit any obviously sick pet, follow responsible cleaning and sanitation practices, listen and watch for any signs of sickness, and ensure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible. However, no amount of supervision, cleaning, or personalised care is guaranteed to be 100% effective against illness. Just like with people, illnesses can and do spread among our canine friends. Some viruses like Papilloma Virus (warts) are contagious weeks before any visible signs appear, making it impossible to prevent. Tracheobronchitis, often improperly called ‘kennel cough’ can be present anywhere, and can travel for considerable distances through the air, affecting any dog, even one that never leaves its own back garden!

If you are worried about your dogs health for any reason, please consult with your own vet, AND alert our team at Doggy Day Camp. Please leave sick dogs at home (e.g. coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, open sores/skin lesions, listlessness, unusual discharge from the eyes or nose, etc). This will help us keep all of our clients as healthy as possible.


So now you know all, why not get booked into a session. You can do this online or by calling one of our centres on
0191 513 0990