Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training at Woofs n Scruffs.

Woofs n Scruffs have developed a range of training levels to ensure our training increases in difficulty in line with your dogs ability. The levels have been developed in a way which makes them perfect to take your dogs skills to the next level once they have finished the Foundation level of training. All of these levels build on the skills you have learned from the previous level of training whilst pushing both you and your dog.

So......... what are the levels.

The new training levels have been designed as stepping stones and move from Bronze to Silver and Gold, each time increasing the difficulty.


Our Bronze training builds on those skills learned during Foundation training whilst adding:
This class will work together for the hour of training minimising the time you will be waiting around for other members of the group to complete their exercises.


Our Silver training builds on those skills learned during the Bronze training whilst also adding:
This class will also include at least one weekly game. Learn new and perfect old skills.


Our Gold training builds on those skills learned during the Silver training whilst also adding:
Fun exercises including – send away, stop in designated area and more advanced rally.

So now you know all about our training why not get booked onto a course. You can do this online or by calling one of our centres on
0191 513 0990