Fun Swimming

Fun Swimming

Fun Swimming at Woofs n Scruffs.
Want to burn off energy or looking for some fun for your dog? We have the perfect solution at Woof n Scruffs!! Swimming is a low impact exercise and most dogs absolutely love it. Our large heated hydrotherapy pool's are packed with plenty of toys and energy ensuring their mind is stimulated in a safe environment. We understand how important your dog is to you....They are really important to us too. So you can rest assured we will provide the best quality care at all times.

We are a fully qualified and insured hydrotherapy centre to ensure the full protection of both you and your dog.

So......... what to expect.

Your dog might love water or be really nervous. Don’t worry either way we’re used to this and will have them swimming like a pro in no time. They will love splashing around in the warm water and before long wont remember what all the fuss was about. There will be plenty of playing to keep your dog entertained and motivated and help with burning off that energy. We will monitor them throughout the make sure when they need a little rest they get one but the whole session will be fun filled.


It’s Really Important to remember not to feed your dog for at least two and a half hours before their swimming appointment and two hours after, and please remember to take them out to the toilet before coming into the centre. If you have any concerns speak to your hydrotherapist. We want your dog to go home feeling fresh and you to have a nice clean dog in your car, so after their swim your dog will receive a bath with shampoo and be towel dried. Remember to bring a towel as they might be a little damp for the journey home.

So now you know all about our hydrotherapy why not get booked into a session. You can do this online or by calling one of our centres on
0191 513 0990