Terms and Conditions – Loyalty Card

1. These terms and conditions (including our Privacy Policy which can be accessed at www.woofsnscruffs.com govern the collection and use of points and set out the terms of contract between Browns Pet Care Limited and Woofs n Scruffs (“Woofs n Scruffs”, “us” or “we”) and you the customer relating to the Loyalty Programme. You can join the Loyalty Programme by applying for an Woofs n Scruffs Loyalty Card in participating stores and you will be issued a Loyalty Card which can be used to earn stamps on the same Loyalty Account. If you apply to register with us you accept these terms and conditions. We may refuse an application to join the Loyalty Programme for any reason at our sole discretion including (but not limited to) risk of reputational damage to us, any reasonable suspicion of previous criminal activity including shoplifting or any previous history of verbal or physical abuse to Woofs n Scruffs staff.

2. To register for the Loyalty Programme you will need to complete an application form in a participating store. A Loyalty Card will be created in your name to record stamps to be earned or redeemed by you. You must be 16 years of age or over and resident in the UK to join the Loyalty Programme.

3. Your Loyalty Card is issued to you but remains the property of Woofs n Scruffs. You must return your Loyalty Card to us on request or destroy it if we so reasonably request. You are responsible for the security of your Loyalty Card. You should not share your Loyalty Card with anyone, including Woofs n Scruffs staff. If you lose your Loyalty Card or think an unauthorised person has access to your card please contact us promptly on 0191 513 0990 to advise a member of staff.

4. Your Loyalty Card can be used to earn stamps at participating stores. Details as to how stamps can be collected and redeemed appear below.

5. Loyalty stamps are personal to you and cannot be transferred to anybody else. Loyalty stamps may only be redeemed and earned in accordance with these terms.

6. Your Card cannot be used as a credit card or a guarantee card.

7. The Loyalty Programme is only for consumer use. The Loyalty Card cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business entity or for any other commercial purposes.

8. If you materially breach these terms, and where such breach can be remedied, if you do not remedy the breach within 30 days of a written notice of the breach from Woofs n Scruffs or if Woofs n Scruffs reasonably believes that you have breached these terms and/or abused the Loyalty Programme, your Loyalty Card may be terminated, any points earned but not redeemed may be cancelled and your Loyalty account closed without prior notice. Woofs n Scruffs reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary where a Loyalty Cardholder is found to have abused the Loyalty Programme.

9. In addition to the above, Woofs n Scruffs reserves the right to (i) stop issuing Loyalty Cards at anytime if we decide to terminate the Loyalty Programme; (ii) to alter or amend the terms and conditions of operation of the Loyalty Card and/or the Loyalty Programme by publishing notices on our website www.woofsnscruffs.com; and/or (iii) withdraw or cancel the Loyalty Card and/or the stamps (including but not limited to the redemption and issue of such) and/or Loyalty Account on reasonable notice to you by letter, email or publishing such notice on our website at www.woofsnscruffs.com

10. Our Privacy Policy relating to this Loyalty Programme (which can be accessed at www.woofsnscruffs.com/privacypolicy sets out the information that we will collect about you, how we use the information and whom it may be shared with including, but not limited to, details of the promotional information that we hope to provide.

11. We will retain your personal information for as long as you are a member of the Loyalty Programme. You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting us at hello@woofsnscruffs.com

12. The Loyalty Programme is operated and promoted by Browns Pet Care Limited and Woofs n Scruffs. 7 Baird Close, Washington, NE37 3HL and Unit 7A Site 7 Cold Hesledon Industrial Estate, Seaham, SR7 8ST. The Loyalty Programme helpline can be contacted on 0191 513 0990.

1. To collect stamps for a transaction in a participating Woofs n Scruffs store, you must present your Loyalty Card at the till at the time of purchase .

2. Stamps cannot be earned on the purchase of gift cards or gift vouchers.

3. You must spend at least £13 in a single transaction for the transaction to qualify for stamps. Then 1 stamp will be awarded. The amount of stamps awarded can be altered at the discretion of Woofs n Scruffs.

4. Woofs n Scruffs reserves the right to offer bonus points on certain products as selected by us from time to time and in our sole discretion.

5. Only one stamp can be collected per customer per day.

6. The current redemption value of stamps is one complete card equates to £7.50. We reserve the right to vary the redemption value at any time.

7. Woofs n Scruffs are entitled to cancel stamps awarded if the relevant products to which such award relates are returned for any reason and a refund of the purchase price is given. If the relevant products are exchanged for other products, the stamps awarded would be adjusted.

1. One completion of 1 card (10 Stamps received) the full card must be handed into reception to receive £7.50 off your bill. Completed cards can be used to buy goods and services. Certain goods and services may be excluded at the discretion of Woofs n Scruffs.

2. Cards are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

3. Where Woofs n Scruffs loyalty cards are being used as full payment for goods of a lesser value, no change will be given.

4. Where goods are returned that were purchased in full or part using Woofs n Scruffs Stamps, refunds will be given for the part of the sale made with Woofs n Scruffs Stamps as a credit note.

5. Woofs n Scruffs Stamps are not redeemable in some Woofs n Scruffs concessions.

6. Only 1 Woofs n Scruffs loyalty card can be used per transaction and in any given 24 hour period.

7. Woofs n Scruffs Stamps may not be used as part or full payment for Woofs n Scruffs gift vouchers or gift cards.

8. Woofs n Scruffs loyalty cards are and shall remain the property of the promoters, have no cash redemption value, are not for resale or publication and are valid in the UK and Isle of Man only.

9. Copied, damaged or defaced Woofs n Scruffs loyalty cards will not be accepted.

10. If Woofs n Scruffs loyalty cards are lost or stolen a new card will be provided but lost stamps cannot be added.

11. Woofs n Scruffs reserves the right to withdraw the Loyalty Programme at any time.

17. See individual loyalty card for expiry dates.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy at www.woofsnscruffs.com/privacypolicy which explains how we capture and use your personal information.

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